Special Limited Edition Rio Grande Gorge Bridge Canvas Print

Special limited edition of 50 signed and numbered 24 inches by 72 inches canvas prints of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, part of the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument in Taos County, New Mexico. Contact us for details.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge Limited Edition Canvas PrintRio Grande Gorge Bridge Limited Edition Canvas Print

This photo has been published as a 4" x 9" postcard, 5" x 7" greeting card, 12" x 28" poster, 11" x 14" print and 6" x 18" print, and will be published in the future also at the these sizes. 


About this photograph of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

I like to photograph bridges and the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge is one of the most breathtaking bridges in the country. I had taken hundreds of images of the bridge over the years but never quite captured what I was after. On March 13th. 2009, which was not so unlucky Friday the 13th., I was in Taos as the sun started setting. I saw that the western horizon was clear yet the Sangre de Cristo Mountains had beautiful late evening cumulus and stratocumulus clouds waiting for the opportunity to be colored red with the last rays of sun. I drove to the bridge from Taos and ran to the rim with my equipment, and my timing was perfect. Still trying to catch my breath, as the sun dropped below the horizon, I took three images, from west to east, to compose a large panorama of the landscape. After 10 years of attempting to capture this image I was finally rewarded. 

Not only was the sunset exceptional that evening, this image became one of the last large scale images of the bridge before the New Mexico Department of Transportation placed the jersey barriers on the east side, essentially rendering the otherwise idyllic high altitude desert landscape with the majestic bridge to less than photogenic subject matter for the tens of thousands of annual visitors. Today, after nine years there, the jersey barriers remain, and one can only hope that the beauty of the landscape will be restored one day in the future.


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